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core n. the essence
text n. the body of information in a book, manuscript or document

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What we do

Content creation, print and digital publications from concept to distribution, communications and media/editorial training


Our print and digital publishing success is achieved through a rigorous process of client and stakeholder consultation, content development, in-depth research and interviews, meticulous editing, inspirational photography and design.


We deliver high-level strategic communications, public relations and media campaigns to engage, inform and motivate your stakeholders to awareness, understanding and action.


Communication innovation is our business. Building on this, our tailored training programs can teach your staff, researchers and consultants how to present their work to a broader audience in an engaging style.


At Coretext Books, we write, design, print and distribute your ideas. We bring to life corporate publications and works of history, education or fiction.

The Coretext difference

We believe in the pursuit of excellence, the integrity of our work and the commitment of our clients. Our aim is to enrich communities through sharing knowledge.
Examples of our work...

Monash Magazine Ground Cover Magazine Fish Magazine Partners Magazine

Science is a wonderful journey. At Coretext, we revel in telling the story of that journey; your discoveries and achievements.

Our writers and communications professionals, based around the country, have journalism backgrounds combined with industry qualifications and in-the-field knowledge and experience. Our designers have international standing and are experts in magazine publishing. We are masters at integrating words, photography and infographics with clarity, confidence and authority.

We deliver publishing excellence backed up by experience, professional integrity and an absolute commitment to our clients. We create the print and digital knowledge-sharing platforms that allow our clients to inform their stakeholders and enrich their communities.

We work and live by the principle that content matters. To our clients and their audiences, this makes all the difference.

A changing world needs clear written communication that elevates understanding.

In our core fields, the agriculture, health and higher education sectors are tackling some of the most important issues of the modern world and we believe that to deliver the right information in the right way at the right time, content matters.