Celebrating 100 days of cherries

100 days of cherries header

Today Coretext is starting its celebrations of all things Australian cherry. Over 100 days, the team has decided to run a campaign to add a splash of colour to its Instagram activities.

In addition to our work helping Horticulture Innovation Australia and Cherry Growers Australia produce their quarterly grower magazine, we are conducting a side cherry project for the festive season.

Each day for the 100 days of the cherry season we are going to post new content to our Instagram and other social media accounts (Facebook (@coretext) or Twitter (@100dayscherries)). We will segment the week into different topics to mix things up.


We’ll check out some of the science that brings better, brighter, sweeter cherries to you


The Coretext food crew (including a few good friends) has volunteered to search out and test cherry recipes, both sweet and savoury. We have plenty of happy taste-testers, too.


Design: created and curated by our graphics team. You’d be amazed how many of the world’s designers have been and are inspired by this gorgeous little fruit.


We will check in with what’s happening on cherry farms around the country as the season progresses.


it was all hands up for this one – is drinks day. The challenge: to unearth all those cherry cocktails out there.


Cherry events – from festivals to pick-your-own  destinations, and everything in between.


We’ve saved Sunday for those miscellaneous, quirky bits of cherry history and culture. Stay tuned for this one, our tidbits might just come in handy at your next dinner party or trivia night.

Please join our cherry adventures – #100dayscherries on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.