Coretext helps spread the word of the coming STEM revolution

Coretext has a longstanding relationship with the STEM X Academy
and recently produced the second in a series of booklets that are spreading the
word to teachers, students, sponsors, and interested Government Departments
about this innovative and highly effective program.

Behind the scenes, Australia’s leading research organisations are working closely with primary and secondary school teachers to make STEM subjects exciting, inspiring and relevant. This work is done through the STEM X Academy, a professional development program run by the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) and sponsored by CSIRO, Questacon and many leading research organisations and technology companies.

In this second edition, world-leading quantum engineer Professor Andrew White makes a wonderful case that quantum mechanics is on the verge of revolutionising technology in ways that boggle the mind and that matter to the way STEM subjects are taught. He goes on to explain the three counter-intuitive quantum principles – entanglement, superposition, and the wave-function collapse – that are responsible for creating this entirely new framework of technological possibilities. These are the same principles responsible for giving this branch of physics a reputation for outlandish weirdness.

By working with the STEM X Academy, Professor White and the research centre he directs – the ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems – are able to help teachers develop quantum-relevant ideas and classroom practices that can inspire and enthuse the next generation of STEM professionals.

You can read what Andrew White had to say in the recently released 16-page STEM X Academy booklet.