Prizing community: Rural Press Club of Victoria awards night

30/08/2016 Uncategorized
Photo of Coretext's Brad Collis and the Bendigo Advertiser's Glenn Daniels

Coretext director Brad Collis (right) with the Bendigo Advertiser’s Glenn Daniels at the Rural Press Club of Victoria awards.

Brad Collis, editorial director, and Clarisa Collis, specialist writer and editor, attended the Rural Press Club of Victoria awards on Friday night, where Coretext sponsored the Best News Photography awards category.

Glenn Daniels, of the Bendigo Advertiser, was named photographer of the year for a powerful body of work, including dramatic coverage of the anti-mosque protests in the town – a controversy that his newspaper decided not to observe as a fence-sitter, but to be a standard bearer for the majority view supporting tolerance.

GlennDanielsIn accepting his award, Glenn spoke of his role as a journalist working with and for his community. It was a common theme expressed on the night – rural and regional journalists very aware of their capacity to be forces of community cohesion and empowerment, even when it requires rooting out malpractice or corruption.

Overall they champion their communities; make them visible and proud – in stark contrast to metropolitan media in which the mindset is locked onto pursuing community conflict and social corrosion.

There is a very important lesson here for the next generation of media owners and managers: All of the leading rural and regional newspapers are reporting rising circulations and advertising revenues – again in stark contrast to metropolitan media. It doesn’t take the sharpest stick in the woodpile to draw a conclusion.

The Rural Press Club of Victoria awards night showcased the highest standards of journalism, editing and newspaper management; newspaper-orchestrated campaigns run as powerful, effective, forces for good.

It was a very encouraging pointer to the future.

Ground Cover award

On another congratulatory note, Gippsland-based freelance writer Jeanette Severs was runner-up in the ‘Best On-Farm Story’ category for an article she wrote for Ground Cover, which Coretext produces for the Grains Research & Development Corporation.

Jeanette’s articled explored the Caithness family’s move into high rainfall cropping in East Gippsland, and their pursuit of innovation, productivity and sustainability. The judges commented: ‘The article contained a wealth of information and technical detail on how the family approached their cropping enterprise in terms of varieties, inputs, soil conditions, yields and marketing options. It also set out how Trevor and Toby Caithness had accessed information from outside the district and subsequently incorporated innovative practices in their cropping operation.’

The whole Coretext team is very proud of Jeanette’s award and her work for our publications.

Photo of Jeanette Severs

Jeanette Severs, who received high commendation for the best on-farm story at the Rural Press Club of Victoria awards.