Show your capabilities with case studies

Screenshot of University of Melbourne School of Engineering website.
Recently the Melbourne School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne approached us to put together a series of short case studies for its website. The goal was to highlight the impact of research projects with industry partners.

Case studies are one of the most effective ways research institutions can demonstrate their capabilities and experience to potential partners and clients.

The case studies needed to be short and sharp. Coretext’s writers drew on their experience translating often-complex science into accessible writing to achieve this with flair and accuracy.

The first series of case studies – for University of Melbourne’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering – went live last week. The department is doing some amazing work – everything from super-tough lightweight armour for Australia’s defence force, to improving the shelf life and texture of dairy products. It was Coretext’s challenge to condense and convey the scope of these projects into just 300 words.

“The team at Coretext are an absolute pleasure to deal with,” says Juliette Kringas, manager of marketing and communications at the Melbourne School of Engineering. “They’ve successfully distilled our often technical research outcomes into succinct and engaging case studies.”

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