The making of modern Australia

By Brad Collis

This is the acclaimed history of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) - a gripping narrative featuring extraordinary people who were involved in some of the most fascinating real-life stories and adventures in Australian science through the second half of the Twentieth Century and into the Twenty-First. The 520-page hard cover book is available from Allen & Unwin or as an 

Book cover of My Way: sam tarascio

My Way

Salvatore Tarascio

A memoir

"Sam's story is one of extraordinary achievement without any advantage of wealth or position – a warm and inspiring story..."

Sir James Gobbo

Book cover of Impresarios


Italians growing Victoria

Italian success stories in Victorian business


Born to Breastfeed

By Rowena Gray

Born to Breastfeed fills the information gap. Taking the baby's perspective, it draws on uptodate, evidencebased research and midwifery practices during pregnancy, birth and postnatal care, explaining how mothers can respond to baby's actions and needs to improve the health of future generations


The Soul Stone

By Brad Collis

The Soul Stone is set against the landscape of Australia's Kimberley region and Great Western Desert. The story follows the journey of a Catholic priest into the Aboriginal 'Dreaming' and probes the conflict between indigenous people's bond with the land, and the European immigrant's values that are based on conquest, acquisition and religious conversion.


Invisible Threads

An anthology of poems