Our team brings insights and perspectives from diverse professional backgrounds in the media, science, industry, and life. We are creative. We are dedicated to quality and reliability.  We believe in our work, in our clients and in the strength of our experience.

picture of Brad Collis, Editorial director
Brad Collis
Editorial Director
Picture of AdrienneDolphin, general manager
Adrienne Dolphin
General Manager

Founding director Brad Collis brings to Coretext extensive experience and knowledge accrued from an international career as a journalist, editor and author, combined with a studied utilisation of evolving communications and multi-media technologies.

General Manager and founding director Adrienne Dolphin works closely with clients from initial contact to end-product delivery. She has more than 25 years’ experience in administration and production management, publishing and the arts.

Picture of Tim Claeys, creative director
Tim Claeys
Creative Director

Coretext director Tim Claeys is an award-winning designer and internationally recognised illustrator. Tim's intuitive visual design gives Coretext media solutions and print publications a visual edge. Tim has designed more than 80 leading corporate publications: all confident, visually appealing, efficient, innovative and ultimately of end-user benefit.

Picture of Catherine Norwood, senior editor
Catherine Norwood
Senior Editor

As part of the Coretext team for more than a decade, Catherine coordinates projects for our diverse clients, also editing and writing across agriculture, science and environmental topics. She has a special interest in all things fisheries and seafood, and a penchant for travel to learn more about them.

Picture of christine Fotis, production manager
Christine Fotis
Production Manager

Christine has worked in the publishing industry for over a decade, in both production and editorial. Before starting at Coretext, she was in the educational publishing field. As well as managing production workflows, resources and schedules, Christine performs a wide range of tasks such as website uploading and typesetting.

Picture of Andrew , editor/writer
Andrew Cooke  

Andrew is a journalist and editor who has in recent years returned to the field of rural journalism after almost two decades working as a news editor at The Age newspaper. At Coretext, he is the editor of GRDC’s Ground Cover, which he also contributes to. He writes for recurring client magazines and helps out with production work on occasion.

Picture of Nicole Baxter, associate editor
Nicole Baxter
Associate Editor

Nicole is an award-winning writer, photographer and editor, with more than 25 years of experience. She excels at shining a light on the innovations of farmers, agronomists and scientists working in the grains industry. Her photos and videos on social media draw a regular audience. Nicole is Wagga Wagga-based and hails from a mixed farm near Old Junee in southern NSW.

Picture of Clarissa Collis, deputy editor
Clarisa Collis
Deputy Editor

Clarisa has worked extensively in regional media. She has a strong appreciation for the opportunities facing rural Australia and the critical role of agricultural and biological sciences. Clarisa is often out in the field, camera in hand.

Melissa Marino
Editor/specialist writer
Melissa marino
Melissa Marino

Coretext is a perfect fit for Melissa whose ceaseless curiosity fuels her story-telling across all our publications.

From managing magazines, to getting her hands dirty in the field, her people-focussed journalism has been honed over nearly two decades of reporting for metro mastheads, universities and here at Coretext where she is happily pedalling distance from home.

Picture of Gio, writer and editor
Gio Braidotti

At Coretext, Gio combines a love of science, writing and research-based innovation to help clients in the RD&E sector build rapport with stakeholders and the public. She contributes articles to recurring client magazines, but additionally works with clients to deliver specialised communication tools addressing topical subjects. Gio has a PhD in molecular biology.

Editorial Design
Fiona James
Graphic Designer

With a background in print magazine design, Fiona has embraced the digital storytelling format, along with design for online and social media. She works with clients to create bespoke print and digital solutions. She really enjoys collaborating with writers, photographers, videographers and clients to create meaningful content.

Tiffany Paczek
Production Editor

Tiffany is an editor, subeditor and writer with a background in the magazine publishing industry. She has been the editor of a print magazine, an online content editor and has written for several different publications. At Coretext, Tiffany combines her love of the written word and her meticulous editorial eye to help convey clients’ stories in eloquent, dynamic and fitting ways.

Photo of Larry the director meeting and greeting who is a dog
Director Meeting/greeting

Larry Labradoodle is Coretext’s much loved Director for Meeting and Greeting. As a key member of the human resources team, he is responsible also for taking staff for walks, and being available whenever there’s need for a calming pat and cuddle.