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Design refresh

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

The front cover of the Winter 2019 issue of the Counselling Australia Journal
The Winter 2019 issue of the Counselling Australia Journal

Counselling Australia magazine has a new look!

Coretext’s client, the Australian Counselling Association, agreed that a refresh of their popular title was due, and it was a great opportunity for me, as senior designer, to have some fun and give the magazine a more contemporary feel.

Here are some things to give thought to when you’re considering a redesign:

1. Seek out inspiration and ideas

Look at some of the latest editorial magazine designs or check out titles you admire. What do you like? What works? Why is it successful at reaching its audience? Can you apply similar principles to your publication? To identify these things, delve into specifics. For example, is it the font, the use of illustration, the style of photography or the way the story is presented on the page? Is it easy to read at a glance? Does the layout draw the eye and invite you to read? Will the reader keep the magazine to read it later?

2. Know your demographic

Is your readership ageing? Do you want to attract younger or different readers? Is there a tone or message you need to consider? Do you have a brand or industry voice to maintain or develop?

3. Think creatively within your budget constraints

Make the most of what you have. For example, maybe you can commission a cover photo or illustration, and then select stock images to a particular style for the inside pages.

4. Embrace change

Continue to progress the design and content within the new branding guidelines. This ensures you are communicating to your audience that the publication is evolving and worth reading.

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