We are experts in project management and can effortlessly help to manage your publication, ensuring a smooth journey from concept creation to delivery. Our production team can assist with the nuances of publishing and coordinate the ins and outs of printing and distribution. Contact our production manager, Christine Fotis



More than ever, in today’s world, a picture tells a thousand words. Photography plays an important role in telling a story, and it’s a medium and an art form through which we can incite wonder and curiosity, and create impact and a personal connection with organisations, their people and their work. Coretext's award-winning photographers capture the real story. 

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Our expertise stretches across a variety of mediums and extends into the realm of video. Using this dynamic tool we are able to reach a wider audience and to inspire engagement with the content. 



We are wordsmiths and grammar enthusiasts. We love nothing better than a beautifully constructed sentence that can deliver information, knowledge and insight in an engaging, clear and concise manner. Our professional writers specialise in the science, medical and agricultural research fields and lend their expertise across the food and agriculture, fisheries, health, natural resources and higher education sectors.



Our eagled-eyed editors are perfectionists at heart with specialised skills in spelling and grammar, subediting, proofreading and creating editorial style guides. We comb through stories to hone and refine them, and to make your copy the best it can be. 



Design – it’s the first impression of the publishing world and our designers know just how vital it is to a publication’s success. It’s why they take such pride in creating eye-catching, beautiful layouts and designs, and producing flawless aesthetics that showcase the content in a clean and beautiful way. With expertise in concept creation, template design and working within brand-specific guidelines, they bring artistic flair and beauty to the page. See examples



Digital storytelling offers a dynamic new way to enhance long-form journalism by combining it with stunning photography and videography and utilising social media, e-newsletters or web content strategies, thereby amplifying the reader experience. We apply the Shorthand digital storytelling platform to selected articles and/or case studies to vibrantly bring to life stories that matter.

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We engage social media as a tool to be used astutely, ensuring the benefits of real-time messaging are not lost in online noise. We make sure the cry of this modern-day ‘paper boy’ has the clarity and purpose to be heard, allowing readers to invest in the whole story.



Online presence is a necessity in today’s interconnected world, and we are able to coordinate the uploading of content and e-magazines to websites, as well as manage website construction and hosting. 

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We can publish your book. From idea to digital or printed publication, we can help you throughout the entire process.

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Which format suits your story? Read our stories written for clients.

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Stuck for ideas to help your messages stand out? Contact our award-winning designers to engage readers to read your text and apply your knowledge. We can design your magazine, report, presentation or brochure in both print and digital formats.

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Whether it’s a social media campaign, a digital publication or a printed magazine or book, our team is happy to assist with cut-through know-how.