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Client case study: Revolution Plastics, a Solve special edition

The Coretext editorial and design teams worked together to showcase our client’s research journey and the genesis of its newly launched global plastics initiative.

CLIENT CASE STUDY: Writing, design, print and digital publishing

Client: University of Portsmouth


The University of Portsmouth in the UK is an international leader in plastics research. The university recently launched its Revolution Plastics initiative to address the global plastics crisis and support the transition to a sustainable plastics economy.

The initiative builds on the university’s interdisciplinary research that ranges from combatting microplastics to developing sustainable fashion.

The university approached Coretext to produce a promotional brochure about Revolution Plastics to highlight its research capacity in this critical area. The brochure was for distribution at conferences and other in-person events and would also be made available online.

Our approach

The Coretext team repurposed and consolidated existing plastics-related content published in the university’s Solve magazine over the past three years.

Coretext produces Solve for the University of Portsmouth and the repurposed content was created by Coretext. We applied the Solve branding across the brochure, keeping with the university’s other research-based communications. A timeline anchored the brochure’s pages, highlighting the university’s research progress and milestones.

Previously published material was supplemented with new content from the university about the Revolution Plastics initiative.

The printed brochure was designed as an A4 landscape document to maximise its impact. The brochure was then redesigned as a portrait A4 e-magazine for upload to the Joomag digital publishing platform. The online version of the brochure incorporated animations to amplify the messages of the brochure.


The result was a 28 page landscape orientation A4 Revolution Plastics special edition which brought together the University of Portsmouth’s major plastics-related research in one document.

The interactive Joomag edition provided broader accessibility to the publication. The brochure's printed and online versions reinforced the university’s Solve branding for its research communications.

View the online version of the brochure here.

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