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Climate and counselling - international impacts

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Image: Karina Tess, Unspalsh

Climate is something that affects us all, with increasing impacts on mental health.

In that light, the climate edition of Counselling Australia  journal, which Coretext produces for the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), has been reaching new international audiences recently.

Copies have been distributed to ambassadors, including the High Commissioners of India, the US and the UK, at a roundtable discussion in Fiji where the ACA team discussed the future of the counselling profession.

The climate edition, published in April 2023, highlights the impacts of climate change on mental health – an increasing issue worldwide as global temperatures rise.

Read the article by Philip Armstrong from the climate edition: 'Climate hope from listening to the young’ at this link

Counselling Australia is a members’ publication for ACA. Members have exclusive access to most of the content for 12 months, before the ACA makes it available to the public. One story from each edition is published with open access online, as a pointer to the journal.

Our work on Counselling Australia includes design and layout, with a recent refresh of the magazine’s look. We also provide some commissioned articles, we copyedit supplied content, proofread the journal and coordinate printing.

If you have a member publication you’d like to update and energise, we would love to assist. Contact us on 03 96701168, or email

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