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New opportunities for seafood

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

We were excited to get the latest edition of FISH magazine in the mail this week. It's satisfying to hold the printed magazine in your hands after working for three months to put each edition together for the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Picture of Western Rock lobster
New markets for Western Rock Lobsters are opening in China. Photo: Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative

It’s a team effort from all the researchers, fishers, FRDC staff and others involved in the articles and production with the team at Coretext. The stories are always diverse, covering the latest fisheries research and industry issues for the different fisheries sectors that fall under the FRDC's remit: wild harvest, aquaculture, recreational fishing and Indigenous fisheries. 

WHAT'S INSIDE? In this edition, on the aquaculture front, we have stories on Australia's tropical native oysters, Yellowtail Kingfish and kelp farming. Articles on the Status of Australian Fish Stocks, and the mapping of Australia’s trawl footprint focus on our wild harvest fisheries. 

For recreational fishers, the process of setting new research priorities is underway. And sector-wide issues examined include the creation of carbon markets and also industry initiatives to deal with ocean plastics.

Stories on rock lobster marketing in China and the Love Australian Prawns look at marketing initiatives, while product research evaluates fresh versus frozen seafood. 

In addition to the Indigenous involvement in tropical oyster cultivation, the magazine features Tasmanian efforts the share more of its Indigenous sea and seafood culture. 

There’s a report on Steven Davies and his Nuffield Scholarship research, and we profile NSW aquaculture manager Ian Lyall. 


You can download the free FRDC Fish Magazine App for IOS or Android, or subscribe for a free printed copy of the magazine at (The subscription form is at the bottom of the home page). It's also online as a PDF at Happy reading!

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