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Meet Lauren McKinnon, our production manager

Woman in lush crops in Indian hills

One of the joys of coming to an actual office is the opportunity to spend time with someone like Lauren. Positive, proactive, with a can-do attitude and a rockin’ 70s style she is generous and kind to our clients and us colleagues too.

Here she shares a few things about herself as part of our #2minuteswithcoretext series.

Describe your job

As production manager I oversee and coordinate all aspects of the production process from start to finish. This includes liaising with clients, printers, advertising reps, mailing houses and freelancers, and delegating tasks to the production team. My role is a combination of administration and graphic design. I coordinate many moving parts to ensure projects run to schedule, we are meeting our targets and clients are happy 😊

How long have you worked here?

Six months

Best aspect of your job?

There’s three!

Firstly my lovely colleagues and clients. The team work ethic we have is very supportive and makes Coretext a wonderful place to work.

Then there’s the variety of projects I get to work on. It keeps things interesting and I’m always learning.

And lastly Tim (Coretext creative director) broadening my snack horizons. The weird and wonderful things he’s made me try this year include natto beans, buttermilk rusks and avocado flavoured mochis.

Tell us about the photo you’ve provided

My last holiday was a six-week trip around the south of India. I visited Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa and Kerala. I did some solo adventuring and also stayed with a close friend’s family.

What are the best things about where you live now?

Reservoir/Preston. The Preston market and the many delicious nearby restaurants providing a smorgasbord of cuisines.

What are you reading, watching or listening too?

I enjoyed watching Succession and the most recent season of The Great.

What do you want to be remembered for?

My excellent/eclectic taste in music 😉

I have a hidden talent for

Illustration and painting. I’ve just moved into a new house with space for a studio. So when I have time, I’ll be drawing and colouring canvases.

In my spare time

I love seeing live music – you’ll often find me down at the various gig venues around Melbourne.

The country I’d most like to visit is

Next on my list is Indonesia, Portugal or Morocco.

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