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Meet our director, Brad Collis

Man kneeling down taking a photo or two nuns arm in arm

Brad has an extraordinary depth of knowledge and passion for Australia’s grains industry, primary production, research and innovation. A generous, enthusiastic and empathetic leader, he is also sublime writer and editor, and hands-down king of the dad joke. He’s even managed to squeeze one in here as part of our #2minuteswithcoretext series:

• Describe your job:

Writer, editor and co-founder of Coretext. My role for many years varied across working ‘in’ the business as a journalist, writer, photographer, editor and ‘on’ the business, working with clients to develop the services we provide.

• How long have you worked here?

From the beginning, in 2002.

• Best aspect of your job?

Applying a long career as a business and science journalist to supporting Australia’s innovation sector and being joined by talented, like-minded professionals who have together built Coretext into a dynamic editorial and design business that has high standards, community, empathy, purpose and vision.

• Tell us about the photo you’ve provided:

I love life’s little, fleeting, intersections. Somewhere in an album or framed on a bedside cabinet might be the photo from this frozen moment in time. It was 2008 and I was strolling around Montmartre with my wife (and Coretext partner) Adrienne after completing the ‘shadow’ Tour de France. The nuns were laughingly trying to take a selfie with a camera, which back then was a guess and giggle affair. And so to their rescue came a gallant photographer.

• Where were you born:

Perth (Whadjuk Nyoongar country) Western Australia

• What are the best things about where you live now?

I live in Yarraville, a small inner-city precinct imbued still with its harbour-side history and feel.

• What are you reading, watching or listening too?

Lately listening to a lot of Hans Zimmer; but my fall-back tastes are the likes of Queen, Pink Floyd et al from the 70s.

• What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I lived and worked on a tulip farm in Holland concurrent with a half-hearted effort as a racing cyclist.

• If you weren’t doing your job what would you be doing?

Writing (books and music).

• What’s the smartest thing you’ve been told?

There are two ways to grow old – as a victim of change or as a participant in change.

• What do you want to be remembered for?

Trying rather than wondering.

• My earliest memory is:

Standing in awe as my uncle took a guitar case down from the top of a wardrobe, opened it, and started playing. I was three.

• When I was a child I wanted to be:


• The scariest thing I’ve done is:

Find myself in a minefield (with a bunch of plant seed collectors).

• My last holiday was:

Too short

• Favourite saying:


• Favourite musician/author:

Graham Greene

• Favourite bit of technology:

The wheel

• Invention I’d like to see created:


• The country I’d most like to visit is:

Not a country, but the Antarctic … before it melts.

• If I could visit any other place or time it would be:

Rottnest Island, 1955.

• To make the world a brighter place I’d:

Try and find its light switch.

• I admire the ability to:

Say nothing when there is nothing to say.

• In life it’s important to:

Stop for a moment.

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