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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Picture of Solve magazine for Portsmouth University
Solve Magazine

COVID-19 has thrown up countless challenges for everyone, including the higher education sector, which has the task of balancing closures and restrictions with the need to sustain education and research.

Universities are an important and valued client base for Coretext, which was created 20 years ago to specifically support ‘the knowledge sector’. We have been working hard to help maintain many innovative science communications programs with which we are involved or initiated.

One of these is SOLVE magazine for the University of Portsmouth. This has been extremely successful in raising the profile of its globally significant research, which helps industry, policymakers and the community generally to engage with its science.

Picture of a page of Solve magazine

As SOLVE 2020 has been delayed until UK universities reopen, we took on the challenge of turning a static print product into a dynamic, multimedia, digital edition using the Joomag platform. It was a wonderfully creative exercise squeezed into a very short time-frame, but it gave Coretext’s many diverse talents a chance to spread their wings.

Here is SOLVE 2020 digital, incorporating videos, audio and animated graphics that complement beautifully the great writing and design.

picture of a page of solve magazine

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