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Reporting on innovation for iisa

Innovation is essential to many of the sectors we work with, and it has been a pleasure to have a hand in the 2022–23 Annual Report for Industry Innovation and Science Australia (ISSA).

Our team designed the print and digital versions of the annual report, which has recently been tabled in the Australian Parliament.

The content of the report itself offers great insight into the Australian Government’s innovation investment. The ISSA board oversees programs delivered by the Department of Industry, Science and Resources (DISR), providing advice to government on innovation policy, strategy and promotion of investment.

We’ve worked closely with the research and innovation sector for more than 20 years. That includes work with programs the IISA oversees, such as the Cooperative Research Centres and the (now closed) Ausindustry and Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

It was great to see businesses that we’ve produced stories about (for what is now DISR, and for other clients) featuring in the report’s case studies. Some of the copy looks very familiar.

Among the case studies it features, we've written about Battery Graphene Corp Pty Ltd (trading as Vaulta), Lithium Battery Storage, (trading as Lithium Battery Systems, SwarmFarm Robotics and OncoRes Medical. Brilliant innovators, creating positive impacts.


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