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Tackling plastics – our New Year’s resolution

A collection of plastic items including bags, bottles and food containers

As we welcome the new year, our team has come together with a resolution, both personal and professional, to do what we can to reduce the use of plastics in our lives.

Along with our concerns as individuals, plastics have been a focus of research for several of the organisations we work with or write about, addressing the challenges of plastics at a larger scale.

These include ocean plastics and microplastics, plastics on farms and in urban environments. 

We’ve reported on efforts to recycle or break down plastics and reduce their impact on the environment, and to replace petrochemical-based products with biodegradable bio-plastic alternatives. And we’ll follow up on these in the coming months.

We’ll also be taking part in Plastic Free July to see what we can do better as individuals, and as a business, with a particular but not exclusive focus on reducing single-use plastics.

A quick survey of the office today found plenty of plastics around. Fortunately, we already have some help in the form of sturdy cotton tote bags we all received for Christmas (packed with goodies to share). They're particularly good for a quick trip to the shops.

Cream tote bags with a colorful company logo and the words Coretext the science of communication

Follow us and join the conversation around plastics, share information and take action with us as the year rolls out on our social media channels.

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