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Meet Catherine Norwood, our group editor

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

woman at marina holding camera with fishing boats in the background

“Visionary” is a word that pops up when colleagues describe Catherine. A big-picture person who chases innovation with a logical mindset, she calmly ushers us along for the ride – with a seaweed gin if we’re lucky!

Here she shares a few things about herself as part of our #2minuteswithcoretext series.

Describe your job

As group editor, I oversee our team of writers and liaise with our clients. 

I write and edit articles across diverse subjects, from agriculture and fisheries to engineering and business innovation, mostly with a research bent. I’m the editor for Partners Magazine which we produce for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, and I lead our digital strategy team and training initiatives. When time allows, I also create and curate content for - an initiative to help bring together interest in Australia’s emerging seaweed industry and culture.

How long have you worked here?

More than 15 years now 

If you weren’t doing your job, what would you be doing?  

Travelling around Australia, taking photographs 

Best aspect of your job? 

Meeting and sharing the stories of many amazing people who are working in research and helping to put research into action. I am so often in awe of the people I speak with – what they are achieving and the skills and persistence it takes to achieve success. 

Tell us about the photo you’ve provided

I was travelling to Lakes Entrance in Victoria, writing a story for FISH Magazine the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. A sunny afternoon, an ideal location and incredibly generous people in the fishing and seafood community talking about the market potential of Australian Salmon – the native wild fish, not the farmed Atlantic Salmon species. ( 

Where were you born?

Colac, Victoria, on the traditional lands of the Gulidjan people 

What’s one thing most people would be surprised to know about you?

I am part of two sets of twins in my immediate family. 

What are the best things about where you live now?

I live in Melbourne, and as much as we love to complain about late trains and overcrowded trams, I love the public transport system. Hoping all the rail work disruptions will be over soon; ‘Buses replace trains’ is a phrase that strikes despair into the heart of many a PT traveller. 

What are you reading, watching or listening to?

Reading ‘Eat like a fish’, a biography by Bren Smith that details his journey from fisherman to seaweed farmer and industry advocate.

Watching the UK comedy-drama ‘After Life’ with Ricky Gervais

I admire the ability to

Speak more than one language. I’ve tried a few times to learn a language, but it seems my talents lie elsewhere.

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