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Writers tapping into plant biosecurity legacy

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

the front cover of a magazine with the words Plant Biosecurity

Our latest writing continues to tap into the legacy of plant biosecurity research and cooperative research centres.

One recent article on the iMapPESTS project for the Grains Research and Development Corporation's GroundCover magazine, has brought us back to some familiar faces and issues we've written about over many years.

iMapPESTS has developed new traps and identification techniques for airborne plant pests and pathogens, providing information that will help improve management decisions and undertake surveillance for domestic and exotic pest species.

It’s great to hear how this $21 million collaboration has emerged from research undertaken through the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for National Plant Biosecurity (2005–2012) and the Plant Biosecurity CRC (2012-2018).

We helped to produce a legacy document for the original CRC, summarising its research at the end of its term in the publication Plant Biosecurity: collaborative research initiatives.

The success of the CRC's work and the collaborations it created across Australia’s plant industries led to a second iteration of the CRC, and following that to other initiatives such as iMapPESTS, and the national Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative (PBRI).

We continue to build long-term relationships with researchers and organisations in this important field, with familiar names reappearing in recent articles we've written.

These include Rohan Kimber and Brendan Rodoni who are both part of the iMapPESTS team and contributed to the iMapPests article for GroundCover and Jo Luck, program director at the PBRI, who featured in a recent biosecurity-themed issue of Partners magazine which we produce for the Australian Centre for International Agriculture's Research.

A magazine opened to show a story titled 'biosecurity collaboration is a cornerstone in food security' featuring words and an image of a fruit fly
December 2022 Partners magazine article featuring Jo Luck.

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