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Global reach for research with Solve magazine

Gallery: Solve Magazine, Issue 4, Illustration: Shutterstock | Spinosaurus, Artwork: Davide Bonadonna | Solve magazine page layout

The University of Portsmouth’s 2022 edition of Solve magazine is now live online and the files have been delivered to the printers for the production of hard copies of the magazine.

It takes six months' worth of planning and production to bring the magazine together, from generating a list of story ideas, through the research, writing, editing, design and final approval processes. We prepare the files for print and also create a digital version of the magazine published on the Joomag platform.

In the 2022 edition, our writers took on diverse subject matter, interviewing researchers – many of them global experts in their fields – to bring the articles together.

What's in the magazine?

Topics included global security and war in Ukraine, the cost-of-living crisis and sustainable finance, green energy, and how AI is transforming hospital experiences for bowel cancer patients.

We looked at the revolution in sports bra technology, new dinosaurs discovered, corruption in sports, the circular plastics economy, and harnessing technology developed for space to solve earth-bound problems.

picture of a phone with instagram photo
Photo: Brad Collis

It can be a challenge during production to make stock imagery and supplied imagery work together. Bringing complex information to life in an engaging way is the focus for the layout.

Customised design for different publishing platforms

We enjoy working with Explanimate to create animations for the online version of the magazine. This year we optimised the layout for the online (Joomag) edition, increasing the type size and white space to make it an easier read on mobile devices.

We also customise the print magazine for insertion in different publications when required, which has included both The Guardian newspaper and the Times Higher Education Supplement.

The magazine is part of the University of Portsmouth’s strategy to raise awareness of its global research programs. We’ve been producing it since its launch in 2018, and we’ve seen the university climb the official rankings to become the leading modern university in the UK in terms of its research impact. Its ambition is to continue climbing to become a top 100 university by 2030.

Check out the latest Solve here

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