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Showcasing impact through case studies

Coretext’s writers love expanding their understanding of the R&D process and the essential contribution innovation makes to the Australian economy.

Case studies are an effective means of demonstrating the impact of an issue or approach. Producing case studies for i4Connect gave our writers valuable insights in Australia’s entrepreneurial spirit.




i4Connect was a delivery partner for the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme, providing business facilitation services for Australian business start-ups and innovators, from 2020 to 2023. In this role i4Connect helped Australian businesses that were seeking funding through the programme’s Accelerating Commercialisation service to develop their applications for funding, and supported businesses that were successful with their commercialisation journey for the duration of the funding. As part of its reporting to the Australian Government, i4Connect was required to produce several 800–1000-word case studies each month, featuring the businesses it was assisting through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme. In 2022 i4Connect commissioned Coretext to produce these case studies on its behalf.

Our approach

Coretext coordinated the preparation of case studies to meet i4Connect’s monthly reporting deadlines, supplying writers with experience in the business and innovation sectors.

Writers conducted interviews with both representatives of the business identified and the i4Connect commercialisation facilitators to create engaging feature articles that highlighted the innovations being supported and the role that i4Connect played in supporting these businesses through the grant application and administration process. Articles incorporated i4Connect and government style guidelines.

Schedules were established to ensure i4 Connect could meet its government reporting obligations. Coretext’s writers coordinated the approval of articles by the facilitators and business representatives. Articles were proofread in-house before being supplied to i4 Connect, providing another layer of accountability and ensuring they were supplied as fit to print. Articles were provided with suggestions for accompanying photos as well as headlines and precedes in a style and format tailored for online publication.


The case studies received positive feedback from i4Connect, the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, and the businesses that were profiled. i4Connect was able to meet its government reporting requirements, and the case studies Coretext supplied were positively reviewed and received rapid approval from the government program managers. i4Connect published the case studies on its website and promoted them through its social media channels. Over the course of Coretext’s association with i4Connect, 19 case studies were published.

Through this project Coretext expanded its understanding of the R&D process and the essential contribution innovation makes to the Australian economy. Further, Coretext’s writers applied their skills in writing in line with government requirements, meeting regular, rolling deadlines, and drafting compelling copy.


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